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  • Tired of commuting to your local gym? Want to create the best home gym environment at home?

Well, there are thousands of people out there who are just like you – they want to be able to work out regard

less of weather, season, time, day and Covid isolation mode at last. And that convenience is possible when you have proper gym and fitness equipment at home.


I’m a busy executive who loves working out. Even on days when I just come home from long business trips, I’ll head straight for m

y “private space” – the home gym area to do basic workouts. I think you can tell how much I like working out…and that’s because I have some of the best home gym equipment. Here in my blog you can get useful tips, advice, and reviews on home gyms.

How to Create the Best Home Gym

Expect to create a small-medium space for the equipments
Of course, it’s best if you have a lot of space to spare or a designated workout room. But even with limited space, you’ll be able to find suitable equipment because there are a variety of compact and multitasking machines to choose from.

Always look up the different choices available
You can either choose a combination of equipments or one that combines different workout functions. In my opinion, a multitasking machine works great because you get all that you need in a single machine.

Try out gym equipments to determine their suitability
Similar to a typical gym setting, you’ll want to create an environment for balanced workout in your home gym. For that, first of all, you’ll need a Cardio zone. And then you’ll need to have an upper and a lower body workout function in the equipment(s) you choose.

Create a comfortable workout space
This is especially important because since you’ll be using the space pretty often, it’s important that you make it a place where you’ll want to visit again and again.

Read the detailed guide here in my guide post – How to Create the Best Home Gym.

The best home gym review should cover important aspects of the machine and highlight any shortcomings of the machine. I will update with more home gym reviews in my blog, so check it out!

Home Gym Use – Top 5 Mistakes

Mistake 1: Skipping the planning process
You got to know for sure that you have enough room/space to fit your equipment(s) in.

Mistake 2: Buying equipment(s) offering limited workout
By this I mean equipment that only offers a particular workout (i.e. upper body muscles). Though the machine may seem like a great buy that time, you’ll eventually want to move on to tone other parts of your body.

Mistake 3: Choosing sophisticated but complicated machines
In designing your home gym, you should always choose easy to operate equipments.

Mistake 4: Not trying out before you buy
Even if you decide to buy online, check out the equipment in your local store before confirming your purchase.

Mistake 5: Rushing into the process
I’ve seen people who rush into the whole home gym creation process. They basically do not do enough research and fail to note the important points to consider before buying any machine. You got to know that you are making an investment here.

Read more of this article here – 5 Gym Mistakes to Avoid.

Home Gym Maintenance Tips

  • Check your equipments for signs of wear and tear
  • Oil and grease your machine from time to time
  • Wipe the equipments with a mild cleaning solution
  • If your machine has a belt, remember to check on it
  • Protect your machine with power surge protector

More about these tips can be found here in my Quick Guide to Successful Home Gym Maintenance.

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